Samantha Sponeman, Parent

All 3 of my daughters have danced at Rena’s. For 2 of my girls, Rena’s has been their second home, a comforting place to learn, socialize, and dance.  My oldest daughter started dancing at Rena’s when she was 3, and continued there until she graduated high school.  She trained in all dance forms offered, and also studied the Cecchetti ballet method, taking her Grade 6 Cecchetti exam her Senior year.  She was very proud of this and still regards it as one of her major life accomplishments.  My middle daughter also started dancing at age 3, and is currently a Junior in high school still learning at Rena’s.  She too is studying the Cecchetti method and has passed Grade 5 so far.  My youngest danced at Rena’s from age 3-9, but then decided soccer and swim were more her thing.  All 3 girls have learned grace, discipline, and a great work ethic at Rena’s.  Our family has great respect for Rena and her staff, their teaching methods, and the fabulous recitals they put together.  My girls have made great friends and developed a life-long appreciation for dance and music.  At Rena’s they have ultimately discovered what hard work and dedication can bring to one’s life.

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