At Rena’s Dance Unlimited, we believe that adequate ballet training is the foundation of a strong dance education. In our training, we follow the guidelines of the Cecchetti Council of America.

The Cecchetti method of ballet is a series of classes that are carefully arranged by increasing levels of difficulty. These classes present ballet to all levels of students in a fun and challenging way. After they are 8 years old, students at our studio have the opportunity to take accredited examinations as they progress through the levels of the Cecchetti method. Exams are not mandatory; they require dedication, hard work, and extra class time. Exams may be taken only if the student is technically capable of that level of exam and has been recommended by his or her certified Cecchetti teacher. Exams are meant to be enjoyable experiences that provide students with a feeling of great accomplishment.

Here at Rena’s Dance Unlimited, we are proud to have two instructors who have completed their teacher’s exams with the Cecchetti Council of America and are certified to sponsor students for their exams. They wish to provide students with a fun and rewarding experience as they work hard to meet a goal of passing an exam.  

We are proud to be members of the Cecchetti Council of America, which is an organization dedicated to maintaining the standard and method of ballet training.  We are also active in the Greater St. Louis Cecchetti Committee.